A downloadable game for Windows

A 2d Platformer made for LOWREZJAM2018!

* Mac & Linux versions hopefully soon!*

There's beetles and spider's everywhere! Help Bruce Bee save the hive! 

Bee adventurous to find secret secret places and friendly NPBees! 

It being a jam version  you might incounter a few *bugs*

**** If you get stuck or something glitches out press R to restart the level****

****If you get stuck on a game over screen just press enter a couple of times!****** 


Move - Arrow Keys

Jump  -  Space

Attack - Z

Programming: rsvp asap

Art: J.Omar 

All sound effects and music are public domain courtesy of SubspaceAudio, Spring & celestialghost8

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Authorsrsvp asap, Omar
Tags2D, bee, Pixel Art


Enter_The_Hive.zip 38 MB


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I think this is a good game. It feels like a game boy color game. And, when I mean gameboy color game I don't just mean by the visual style, I mean it's a hard game. 

I don't really like the jumping onto the platforms collision and the leap of faith sections. Thanks for the option  to continue if you die.

It's a good game but a bit too hard for me. ;-]

Thanks so much for playing and for your feedback!

 I will say it needs a few updates especially regarding the camera! In the next couple weeks I'll give it a going over which will hopefully make it more enjoyable! I've also gotta make the secret areas less secret because Lord knows nobody's found them yet 😂

It's a nice classic platformer with good controls and catchy soundtrack, so what more could you need really. While the bees look nice, it's a bit unusual choice for a platformer character, given that they can usually fly. Fighting the enemies works well, but maybe there could be a more clear indication on when you take damage, because the graphics are very abstract.

I'd like to invite this game to take part in our Game Development World Championship!