Join Bruce Bee on an all new adventure to protect the hive! Break bricks, collect power-ups, and defeat spiders! 

Arachnoid features full controller support for PS4 and Xbox, and keyboard:


  • Move: AD/Arrows
  • Launch Ball: Space
  • Use Power-up: X
  • Jump: Space

Xbox Controller: 

  • Move: Left Thumbstick
  • Launch Ball: A
  • Use Power-up: X
  • Jump: A

PS4 Controller: 

  • Move: Left Thumbstick
  • Launch Ball: X
  • Use Power-up: Square
  • Jump: X

Art: J.Omar

Code/Art: rsvpasap

Audio : SketchyLogicJuhani Junkala

Made in 2 weeks for #lowrezjam 2021

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
Authorrsvp asap
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsArcade, bee, Breakout, brick-breaker, Cute, hive, LOWREZJAM, pixel, Pixel Art, spider


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l really wished this game had more levels, it's a very creative idea!!!


thank you so much! glad you had a good time!! <3

SOOOO CUTEE! love this game !


Aw thank you so much! Glad you liked it! <3

Short and sweet. Absolutely a great time for the duration of the short playtime. I could easily see more levels or challenge modes being added to this (or heck this being adapted so it can be played like a GBC game (since it really gives off that vibe). Great work and can't wait to see more stuff for you!

Aw thats so sweet! Thank you so much!!

This is a really fun game. Great job.

When the boss is placing bricks, it sometimes places them over each other. I don't know if you intended this or they are supposed to lay in a grid. Just in case it's a bug, I decided to report it. Two bricks seemed to be in the same place and both of them broke just fine and properly, so it's not game-breaking.

A suggestion I have is to make hearts automatically add to health, without the player having to activate them like the other items. Because I got two hearts in a row really fast and one of them got wasted because I did not activate it fast enough.

Thanks so much and great feedback! The bricks spawning like that is a bug but I ran out of time to deal with it! 

Hopefully someday I'll find the time to give it a little update! There's a few things that didn't make it to the final build! 

Thanks again!

Lovely game, reminds me of playing breakout games growing up and has a lot of added charm! Thank you


thank youu!! <3 


duuuuuuuude it is so cute!

and the way that how yours make the game like the classic,damn it,it's fucking amazing

i just love it,5 stars.


aw so sweet! thank you!! <3 

Super cute version of a classic game!! You keep implementing new mechanics all throughout the game which is very impressive for a jam game.

My only criticism would be that it's kinda hard to control where the ball goes, especially when trying to bounce it straight up.

Otherwise, lovely game!

thank you so much & great feedback! <3 

Awesome game! Great music, art, and general design. I thoroughly enjoyed it! :)

aw thank you! <3

Really fun. The artstyle is cool and i loved the boss music

thank you so much!! 

It's was fun! I'm stuck in it after start playing. Nice game!

thanks so much for playing! <3

why are all the fun games for browsers?

is there a downloadable version?

there's not, but I could probably upload one!

that cool

fun and beautiful game

Thanks so much!

That was a cool final boss!

Aye! Glad you liked it!