A downloadable game


Left - A 

Right - D

Activate Tractor Beam - S

Navigate through different levels to help your alien friend collect parts to build robots made of earth junk.  Pick up items and put them on the platform. You must start with legs, then torso, arms and head. 

In true gamejam fashion, I ran out of time to finish this project in it's entirety.  Some features such as co-op, vs, and switches and gates unfortunately weren't quite ready for the jam version. 

Code & Art: rsvp asap

Sound Effects: SubspaceAudio

Music: Alex McCulloch


AliensBuildingRobotsJam.zip 39 MB


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i love it! the physics are really fun. i enjoy the "wackiness" of the physics <3

Melting my heart! Thank youu!! ❤